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Our quality standards

Active quality management at micronetics is not only available on paper. It is consequently applied within the daily business processes and guarantees highest level of quality standards.

Due to our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the implementation and application of a quality management system had been confirmed, which complies with the requirements and standards of this international norm. Our quality assurance manager Mr. Hoernlen takes care that the respective standards are continuously applied.

Active components

Transistors, optocoupler, diodes, rectifiers, LED and more.



Passive components

Capacitors, resistances, sensors, fuses, trimmers and more.

Electro-mechanical components

Cable systems, 3M-cables, plug-in connectors, charging plug-in connectors, cable connectors, clamps and more.

Assortment of goods

As components distributor of leading manufacturers we cover a wide, always on the newest level of the technology sorted product spectrum for the need of your purchase and your development of electronic components and systems.

We prove our achievement strength with an offer of approx. 40,000 articles and constant readiness of delivery of 18,000 articles in our 2,000 qm storage with the most modern logistics.

Our product assortment guarantees for our customers not only high-class quality, but always up to date technology. All our sales employees and product managers are continuously trained by our manufacturers and are able to provide our customers with high level support concerning new technologies and their usage in the field.


Rohm: Impact of outbreak of new Coronavirus in our Philippines factory

Rohm: Impact of outbreak of new Coronavirus in our Philippines factory

We would like to use this opportunity to give an update on the effects of the new Coronavirus on the production status of our Philippines factory.
As a result of the new coronavirus tests at our Philippines factory on July 9, the results showed positive for multiple employees.

Interference-free signal and current transmission

W+P: Connectors with circumferential housing shielding

W+P offers shielded connectors as protection against unwanted electromagnetic influences, in order to meet the interference-free signal and current supply requirements of the industry.

The shielding of the series 5692 is achieved by a circumferential metallic housing made of steel, which is connected with a clip to the insulator of the pin header. This shielding plate, which is already integrated, is soldered directly to the PCB and its design satisfies the requirement for the protection of surrounding areas. This means that sensitive signals can be transmitted with low interference and also received just as clearly.

Highspeed Board-to-Board Connectors

W+P: High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors for Data Rates of up to 28 GB/s

These are used whenever printed circuit boards need to be stacked compactly in restricted spaces. We are talking about B-t-B (Board-to-Board) connectors which, thanks to their low component height, ensure that the PCB distance is negligible. On account of the fact that, in line with the prevailing trend, the increase in the data rate is almost in direct proportion to the decrease in the housing size, W+P’s new B-t-B connectors also offer an optimal solution in this regard.