Delivery program 2018

As distributor of well-known global brands such as 3M, Diodes Zetex Inc., Kemet, Rohm, Exar, Pancon or Schaltbau, we are offering a broad product portfolio consisting of electronic components and systems for your purchasing and developing departments.

Round about 40.000 articles belonging to our assortment of goods, we are always keeping more than 18.000 articles in stock. Our large storage with more than 2.000 qm and administered with state-of-the-art logistic processes enables us to provide our customers with high availability concerning all product groups.

No matter if it concerns 3M-cables, transistor optoelectronic couplers, illuminating diodes, rectifiers , LCD displays, charging plug-in connectors, cable connectors, connector blocks or anything else: micronetics provides active, passive and electro-mechanical components, characterized by high-quality and state-of-the-art compliance.

Download our LineCard as a PDF. With our company micronetics® we carry over 60 manufacturers for electronic components on our linecard. Linecard download, for the view on the screen: Linecard for the screen, for the expression: Linecard for the printout.

To view the PDF downloads you need a PDF reader. You can download this here, for example.

Active components
Passive components
Electro-mechanical components