Our services concerning optimal procurement, storage and sales processes

Our services concerning optimal procurement, storage and sales processes

You are not only ordering high quality electronic components at micronetics, you can also potentially acquire an all-embracing, supplemental service portfolio: Spanning from well-founded technical consultancy, logistic processes to cost transparent delivering services and „End of Life“ solutions.

We are considering a well-founded technical consultancy a core task in the distribution business of electronic components.

The reason for that: Every company is different, every project is unique and every problem has got a slightly different focus. Based on a deep know-how of the global procurement markets we are finding those products, which are not only complying with highest quality requirements and newest technological standards but are also optimally fulfilling your specific demands.

Due to a thorough analysis, we are also finding for you the best fitting combination of our flexible logistic services: Leveraging on methods such as Kanban, consignment stock or safety stock we are selecting for you the optimal production control process.

Our plus: A functioning team with many years of experience in the electronic segment.

Our sales engineers and product managers keep their knowledge up to date by continuously participating in respective training courses. Thus, you can be sure that we are well aware of all details concerning the newest technologies and their usage in the field – and hence valuably contribute to your business success.

Logistic services: flexible and tailored to your requirements

If asked for we can provide everything from one source – including the complete logistic management. Therefore, our broad offerings of logistic solutions are tailored to suit the demands and applied for your specific needs.

The usage of a so called Kanban storage secures a smooth flow of material without having to keep big amounts of materials in your stock.

Consignment stock
By applying a consignment stock personal and administrative efforts as well as capital commitment are reduced.

Security storage
Our saecurity storage helps you to flexibly react to variations in production and respond to demand peaks.

With this logistic module we are providing customer specific barcode labels in order to secure an easy and error-free matching via barcode scanners.

We support you during the optimization process of acquiring small parts with relatively small values but disproportional purchasing costs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
The use of the industry standard EDI secures the maximal economization of your purchasing process.

Delivery service
Until you hold your goods in hands, our delivery service looks after all necessary steps: From the preparation about the packaging up to the transmission.

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