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W+P: Connector Systems Bring Life to the PCB

Without the suitable components, a PCB is just a lifeless carrier of electronic elements with conductive tracks. Alongside other essential elements, it is the connector system that breathes life into a PCB (printed circuit board).

Components often used include Wire-to-Wire (W-t-W) / Wire-to-Board (W-t-B) connections, which provide the important function of connecting two cables or connecting a cable to a PCB in order to guarantee the power supply and/or signal transmission.

With five new product ranges: 499, 570, 589, 5113 and 5265, W+P ensures the demand for the particularly small pitches of the friction lock W-t-W / W-t-B product family. The series are offered as male (on PCB/Wire) and female (on Wire) headers, female housings and contacts. These are deliverable starting at a pitch of just 1.0mm, in horizontal or vertical alignment and some equipped with locking.

The contact material consists of copper alloy and the insulator is made of thermoplastic according to UL94 V-0. The indicated components are offered with various finishes, designed for cable cross sections ranging from AWG 34 to AWG 22. The number of contacts varies between 2 and 50, the corresponding data sheets are available for download.

Interesting applications for the space-saving and secure Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire systems are the transport of power and signals in areas such as embedded, industrial electronics, lighting and measurement as well as control technology.

If desired, W+P will develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions. Samples of the products described above are disposable upon request free of charge: www.wppro.com

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